About Support Your Local

About this initiative

As part of our “Add Goodness” project, we are supporting local restaurants by drawing attention to their needs brought on by COVID-19 and shining a light on their struggles. We’re calling the initiative: Support Your Local. This platform has been created so that all communities can now have an avenue to provide support to their own local eatery.

Restaurants will need to set up a Back-a-Buddy fund (or equivalent crowd fund). Alternatively, we will provide assistance to help them set up a fund of their own. Members of the public will also be able to tell us who their local is so that we can include them on our site. For the duration of the project, we will be encouraging all communities to support their local restaurant’s fund through our media channels

Furthermore, we’ll be supporting one of the local restaurants directly, as chosen by the South African public. Communities will be able to show their support for their own local family-owned restaurant by voting for them. The local with the most support will receive R10 000 for their fund and we will provide a free supply of mushrooms to them for a period of three months. The public voting period will be until the 30th of April at midnight.

What else is Denny doing?

Beyond the Support Your Local initiative, Denny has increased their donations of mushrooms to communities who are most vulnerable during this time. Amongst these are The Haven Night Shelters, Gift of the Givers and selected old age homes across the country. In the first week of the lockdown, Denny donated over 10,000 punnets of mushrooms to those in need, and this number continues to grow daily.

A word from our CEO

“We are supportive of the necessary measures being taken to protect the people of South Africa. During these uncertain times, we are committed to protecting the well-being of our staff, providing nutritious food to more South Africans, and supporting our suppliers, customers and other partners in what will be tough times ahead. Our mantra of “Adding goodness to every meal” has never been more pertinent. We are deeply touched by the impact this pandemic will have on families throughout South Africa. As a conscious corporate citizen we believe we have a role to play in contributing to a better South Africa for all.”

– Ryan Cotterell