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Spilt Milk – Social Cafe


Spilt Milk has become a local hangout spot in Melville. We offer breakfast and lunch in an unpretentious and cozy manner. We serve the best cappuccino in town and I guarantee you it’s done so with the biggest of hearts and smiles. Ask any of our regulars.

About 15 months into our new adventure of running a cafe (for the first time!) we ran into a spot of bother with the global pandemic. Over the 15 months of operations our little team became family. We have first time parents working with us, engineer students, aspiring artists, labourers turned professional baristas and we do our best to offer each other a support system.

One chap who works as a waiter/barista at Spilt Milk told me that because of Spilt Milk he was able to send his daughter to a better school. We’re not trying to glorify Spilt Milk, but that needs some attention because it is this sort of small change that will lead to a greater future for South Africa. Better schooling with brighter students.

Having spent most of my career at corporate companies, as a valuation analyst and commercial property broker, I met many people in the business world. But the staff and people I have met through Spilt Milk have by far been the most happy, genuine and warm hearted people I know. And they often have so much less than those I use to work with.

I would love for Spilt Milk to bounce back and give my staff (family), and of course myself included, another fighting chance at making it. We will try reopen but it won’t be easy and we’ll be on a slight back foot. But I know the ladies and gents I work with will give our little cafe 110% of their input and we’d love to have your support.

Love, the Spilt Milk team. Xx

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